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                  2019 Litter plans FENDI and RAJAH go to planned litter page for info on this exciting litter!

Important news! Ontario is planning on banning cropping and docking by years end!  if that happens this will be Nightflights Last litter..as I will not breed if I can not have the breed as they have been since the 1900s! If you want the classic doberman I would suggest getting one soon or your only options will be floppy ears and long tails sadly. 

**** Rajah wins select dog both days at wildwood show!! he is now a Grand Canadian Champion!


**Rajah wins BOB and Group 2! at Elora KC show!

     ** Big news! 

***Miss Elsa wins her third major in MA making her Nightflight's newest American Champion!!! 

**ELSA- CH Nightflight Hot Whispers wins her second major at West Springfield MA show.. She needs one single to finish her Am Ch!!!! 



FENDI Takes WB at Jaxon MI show Making her Nightflight's newest American Champion!! Always owner breeder Handled!

FLASH Flash.... First weekend in the USA as a special FENDI wins back to back best of breed!!! 

Akc/Ckc/Ukc Grp winning/Multi AOM/BVISS Ch Nightflight's Phoenix Rising /WAC/BFL-1/LC11

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