Show News

Flash ****

Phoenix shows at the US 2015 national and pulls off a 2nd in her veteran class at 10 1/2 yrs old!!  The old girl still amazes me !


Phoenix does it again!!! At 10 years old she's still burning up the rings ! At the Doberman club of Michigan specialty Fri July 3 2015 wins best veteran in specialty !! She was the oldest one entered ;-)) She won herself a new K Cot bed which she LOVES..

Flash Flash!! Riggs wins Winners Dog 2 days in a row at Limestone KC July 2014 making him Nightflight's newest champion! in very limited showing.

***Phoenix  does it again !!wins Best veteran and Award of Merit at GMDF specialty Aug 2014 with 11 Champions against her at 9yrs old!!

And Nuke wins Best of opposite sex at the working dog specialty!!! In The Morning show at Killbride KC he wins another select dog!

HUGE NEWS!!!*** Keegan wins a 3 PT MAJOR in the USA Under Mr Ken Buxton at Lima OH show! June 29 2014.


At the Dobe club of Michigan on Fri July 4th 2014 Pheonix wins Award of Merit from the veterans class at 9 years old!!!! Under Breeder judge Linda Krukar.. Phoenix is just as beautiful at 9 as she was at 4!

**** FLASH! 

 Keegan wins WB for 1 US pt at the Dunkirk NY show on Sat may 31/2014 Under Mr Houston Clark and On Sun June 1st keegan wins best of winners for another US pt!

And at the same show Nuke akc/ckc Ch Nightflight ignite the fire wins Best of breed both days for 2  -3 point majors towards his akc grand championship!!


Riggs 1st time back in the Ring in 7mths wins WD/BOW's at Seaway show May 2014 for 2more pts!  Only 2 more pts to go for his Championship!

****Nuke wins Best breed again! 2 days in a row at Woodstock KC show Feb 2014! and makes a cut in grp!

Flash!!! Feb 22 2014 Nuke 1st time as a spacial in Canada wins Best of breed!  at woodstock KC show. Under USA judge charles trotter.

**1st time in the specials class in the US Nuke does Select dog! for his 1st pts towards his US Grand Championship! Jan 2014

*** News flash ! Nuke does BOW's at Hamburg NY show Jan 11 2014 for his final US point making him a Nightflight's newest American Champion!! he finished in only 9 days only being defeated once!! with 3 majors all owner breeder handled.

*!!Phoenix 1st time back in the AKC ring As a Veteran
 Wins Select Bitch At a Specialty over 15 bitches!! At   Monroe MI July 6 2012..  

***Flash --- Aug 12/12 working dog specialty Phoenix wins Best of opposite over specials from the Veteran class!!                                       
* FLash ! Phoenix wins best veteran in group 3!
June 2013 at 8yrs old.
       And still the winning continues!
*** Phoenix at 8yrs old wins best veteran
In specialty and AWARD OF MERIT!! at killbride show over multi specials! Aug 2013 only entered one day!

~FLASH!! Riggs does another win! WD at Pine ridge Show only entered one day under Mr larry Kerluke for 2 more pts!

~News Flash!! Riggs 1st day in the ring in Canada only day entered wins BOW's for his 1st pts!! at Barrie KC aug 2013, Under respected US judge! For 2pts
~Riggs 2 day out wins Winners dog only entered one day at killbride show aug 2013! For 2pts
Always owner/breeder handled
 In the USA show news:
Nuke wins WD/BOW's at Tonawanda NY show Sept 1st 2012 !  2nd weekend out in the USA!for 2pts
~Nuke 1st time in the AKC ring wins WD 2 days in a row 1 at a specialty
For his 1st AKC points!! Aug 2013for 2pts
~Nuke does WD at kalamazoo MI on sat nov 10 2013!for 1pt.
~Nuke does WD/BOW's for a 4pt MAJOR!!! at Kalamazoo MI on sunday Nov 10 2013.
~ NUKE Does Back to back MAJORS!!! at Lansing MI 2013  4th weekend in the US he now has 14 pts with 3 MAJORS!  1 more pt to go!
In Canada show News: 
~ Nuke wins again!  his 2nd win for 2 pts at Kitchener show only entered one day!
 ~ Nuke takes his 3rd win under US judge  BOW's for 3 pts! at Erie shores june 2013..
~ Nuke takes his 4th win back to back BOWs under US judge at Erie shore june 2013 for 2 more pts!
Flash flash Nuke wins BOWs and Best puppy only day entered at Hamilton show june 2013!!! Making him a new Champion! watch for him in the specials class and in the US!


UPDATE! Valo wins best of winners at 2 specialties at killbride show aug 2013 making him Nightflights newest Champion!!! finished in 3 weekends !
Update! Valo win's best of winners at killbride KC show on Friday aug 2013 for 3pts!
Flash!! Nightflight's born to be Hot aka Valo wins a 4pt win at thames vally specialty June 2013 by going BOW's  and best puppy in specialty!! 2nd time in the ring!!